Master students of ONU
about lectures of AMU professors in Odesa

I avail myself of the opportunity to write a brief review about lectures presented by Polish teachers from Adam Mickiewicz University situated in Poznan, Poland (L. Donay, T. Branka and J. Janczak). So, I liked it very much! Firstly, I really enjoyed the way of explanation of difficult terms in the easy way with many examples from everyday life which helped us to understand better all necessary information. Personally I even next day used this methodology on my presentation within our English translation course (so you can imagine how it was really very useful and gripping). Secondly, I’ve received some new information about known topics in the frame of course “Political systems of the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea Region” like self-determination, its internal and external types, old and new regionalism etc. I was impressed by one teacher, and I’d like to highlight him; he is Prof. Tomasz Branka. His presentation was fascinating!
- Iya Elkamali

Tomasz Branka and Jaroslaw Janczak made material presented in a clear and logical sequence. Very useful PowerPoint presentation is emphasizing the main points of the topic. They were able to make the difficult material accessible, intelligible and meaningful; demonstrated a profound knowledge of his subject. Apart from this they made the lecture very interactive that helped me better understand the regionalism topic and surely will help me to keep this knowledge in my mind for a long time.
- Mariia Kurando

I really appreciated the styles and attitude of our Polish colleagues – interactive approach, visual and verbal contact with students, availability of materials made our classes incredibly interesting and useful. I also would like to denote the relevance of lectures: the question of self-determination seems to be one of the most urgent ones in the XXI century; the subject of regionalism has an evident importance in multiple dimensions of international relations; prognostics and its methodology possess huge importance for political analysis. I am glad we were involved in vivid fruitful discussions, got acquainted with relevant studies in our fields and had a great cultural exchange.
- Maksym Volkov

A series of lectures held on September 23-24, 2019 at Faculty for IRSS of Odessa Mechnikov University by an expert group from Faculty for Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland), was focused on relevant issues of regional and world politics as well as on the social studies methodology. Students were offered theoretical and scientific-practical materials. The lecturers also welcomed the spirit of discussion and organized an interactive practice in order to have the covered material consolidated. Students appreciated the forms of presentation by Polish colleagues, including their outstanding English language and informative visualization.
- Vera Nasikivska

The lectures were very interesting and made me eager to listen. It was great that all the lecturers came up with real life examples to prove the main points of their presentations, which made them even more useful for my future studies. All the professors have a good speaking and teaching style, which kept me interested. The interactive form of lecture, permanent contact with the audience, dialogue with the students are, to my mind the most effective forms of lecturing – and of them were used. So I definitely enjoyed the lectures of our colleagues from Poland and look forward to seeing them again
- Mariia Donets

It was indeed useful to learn about the scale of how self-determined communities become more or less independent from certain states. The lecturer seemed very professional and passionate about the topic. As a student of international relations I found the information extremely well put and once again useful in terms of defining the problem of separatism vs the idea that all nations have the right for self determination.
- Evgeniy Balaban

The lectures conducted by our Polish colleagues from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan were very positive, enriching and useful in terms of the topics relevance, professional approach of the professors and an active dialogue between the professors and the students enabling the latter to receive even more knowledge and information. The lecture on the topic of prognostics in international relations by Prof. Lukasz Donaj drew my biggest attention, because it was strongly related to the field of my university research. I appreciated the work and effort of our Polish colleagues and expect to have cooperation in the future!
- Khomyaga Kateryna

I enjoyed a series of lectures by the professors from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. They managed to find though general but nonetheless deep and interesting topics to draw the attention of any audience. The most challenging one and so good fits to our course Regionalism in the Baltic and Black Sea Area was about theoretical approaches to regionalism. I liked the structure and organization of the lecture by Jaroslaw Janczak, especially the interactive part with a small quiz at the end. This looks really innovative in Odessa, for many methods applied in Ukraine (and not necessarily at our university) are rather conservative or even old-fashioned, so I really like amiable professional lecturers with contemporary approach to their studies.
- Juliya Bagachenko

I was very glad to attend the lectures by the professors from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Different methods and approaches allow us to find out something new for ourselves, enrich our surrounding and seek further improvement. My most favorite lecture was by Tomasz Branka about the new wave of self-determination. This topic is incredibly relevant for modern Ukraine, both in context of current ongoing conflict and in context of Ukrainian mindset and sense of self-identification. I liked the detailed, thorough and deep knowledge of the topic and multiple sources and references provided for us.
- Daniel Sandul

It was a very interesting experience; all the lectures were very entertaining. Lukasz Donaj, Tomasz Branka and Jaroslaw Janczak reported the information in the best way. The full involvement of the audience in the process, the test at the end that summarized all the knowledge received by the students was excellent. Thanks them for the great prepared material and thanks to the program for the opportunity to share knowledge.
- Anna Zakaryan