The Center for Baltic-Black Sea Studies of Mariupol State University was created within the framework of the international Erasmus + project “Rethinking Regional Studies: The Baltic-Black Sea Connection”, funded by the European Union and implemented with the participation of the leading universities of Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Sweden,and Lithuania.

The aim of the Center is to promote full cooperation of the Mariupol State University, Mariupol, and Ukraine with the countries of the Baltic and Black Sea Region by creating and developing an advisory, scientific and educational center for regional cooperation.

1) conducting comprehensive studies of the countries of the region and researching its historical, political, economic and cultural development;
2) coordination of scientific and practical efforts in the implementation of regiona lcooperation in the context of European integration;
3) expanding contacts between scholars, politicians, and public figures in the region;
4) promoting the integration of Mariupol into the European information and scientific space, popularization and adaptation of European values here;
5) activities promoting the image of the Baltic and Black Sea countries in the Northern Azov Sea Region.